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Off Season in Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a place many people view as a summer vacation spot and nothing more. However, Cape Cod's beauty transcends far past the summer months of June, July and August.

This is my first Fall and Winter spent in the Cape, and I think that the Cape in the off season is just as nice as the Cape in the Summer. Sure, you can't really go swimming in the ocean (I mean, you could if you wanted too) or embrace the sunshine as much, but the Cape does, in fact, have many redeemable qualities that make it a fun place to be in the off season. Part of the fun is just exploring what there is to do and see!

Things we like to do:

1. head to the beach

-i'm a beach person no matter the time of year, so i highly recommend going to the beach with sweatshirts, blankets, and snacks (of course)

-the beach is still so beautiful when it's cold out, especially without all the people too

2. take a drive (anywhere and everywhere!)

just start driving! and you'll discover so many cute street corners, towns, and beaches you've never been to!

taking a day trip is the perfect way to spend time time with others

ex) spend the day walking around Chatham center & visiting the beach

3. explore nature

no matter the season, it's always fun to get outdoors and adventure! go watch the sunset with friends or take a walk near a cranberry bog!

4. go to a nearby outdoor mall

mashpee commons is the perfect spot to hit everything you want to do on a rainy day -dinner- shopping - the movies - bowling alley - etc.

age twenty-one & up!

the cape cod winery

(falmouth, ma)

is the perfect place to unwind with a glass of homemade wine! the perfect place to have a photoshoot too :)

bad martha's brewery (east falmouth, ma)

the most picturesque wood barn with hightop rustic tables! outside seating with heaters and fires too :)

Hope these ideas help you have some fun when you're bored!

Love, Michaela Kelli


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