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Last First Day of School: Lots of Smiles & Lots of Tears

The day has finally come that I have been dreading: the start of senior year. It is: The Last First day of School....YIKES!! Although to many this is an exciting year, for me, just thinking about senior year implies thinking about my end here at Holy Cross. Many people know I love school, and that is no understatement. I LOVE school, specifically this school, and everything that comes with it. So, any thought of leaving makes me tear up.

The start of senior year has had me reflecting back on the last three years here at Holy Cross, and asking myself: what more do I want to achieve by the time I *sigh* graduate? If I was a freshman, what would I want to know if I could do it all over again and start fresh?

Here, I have a condensed version of my college advice for anyone looking for a more fruitful undergrad experience. It's pretty simple: enjoy EVERY moment.

But I know every person says this. They say things along the lines of: live in the moment! & enjoy it while it lasts! But, they say these things for a reason. When you try to see the beauty in the little things, you can gain a better grasp of the big picture. Of course we are all here in college to gain a better understanding of what path we want to take that will guide the rest of our adult lives. But, we are also in college to gain the valuable life lessons that are needed for these future "adult" lives of ours that are creeping up on us sooner than we'd like. We are also here to create those memories and stories we'll share with our grandchildren when we're older.

Enjoy every moment you have at school. Soon enough, those moments will turn into memories, and those faded memories will be your only intangible reminders of your time in college.

Don't miss out on opportunities (even if you think they are a waste of time or stupid) because you are too "stressed" or have "too much work." The stress and the work will always be there when you get home, so ditch the excuses, make those memories & enjoy those little moments. In a few short years, the steps you walk to class will be some of your last, and trust me, you are going to regret not making those memories while you could.

Now, I am NOT saying to not study. You NEED to study, and you NEED to study often to do well. However, you can make studying more bearable by not stressing out about it 24/7!!!

Take as many pictures with your friends as you can, sit with that person in the dining hall you don't know that well, and smile to that stranger walking by. Go mud sledding when it rains, play spike ball on Kimball Quad, and watch the sunset from a third floor window in Hogan.

Each time I leave the library and head back to my room for the night, I look back at Dinand or Fenwick or Linden Lane and whisper to myself out loud, "Man, I love this school." I am seriously not kidding or exaggerating this one bit. I've realized that when you take just five seconds out of your day to look around, you'd see how incredibly beautiful this place is, and you'll realize how grateful you truly are. As, Dr. Seuss once said,

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

I still have a full school year ahead of me, so I still have SO many more memories to make. However, I'd do anything be a freshman again and have a full four years left, but until time travel exists, one more year here will have to suffice. As this year is completely bittersweet, I am happy for the memories I have created thus far and I cannot wait to make more. I am beyond excited to be back and can't wait to see what this year brings me and my friends!

Love, Michaela Kelli


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