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Easter in Quarantine!

Easter has always been my favorite holiday for a variety of reasons, like the colors, candy, decorations, flowers, family and sunshine (just to name a few) And this year, although it'll be quite different, it still will be my favorite.

Obviously, this is not what we were expecting our spring to look like at all. Springtime is supposed to be a time of celebration ... a time to celebrate the warm weather, the flowers and the sunshine.

Our spring has been turned upside down these past few weeks, but ...

We've seen families bonding over the silliest games, neighbors offering their generosity to those in need, parents creating unique birthday celebrations for their children. We've seen exercise classes taking place on people's balconies. We've seen cities come together to sing, to dance and to thank the workers at various times of day.

We are seeing medical staff risking their own lives to help those suffering. We are seeing grocery store workers working all day to restock the shelves so we can eat. We are seeing delivery truck drivers continue working to ensure that our packages are delivered. And to this, we say thank you. Without you, Americans wouldn't be able to survive.

It's weird to think that 1 year ago I was celebrating Easter with eighty thousand other people in St. Peter's Basilica, and now, we are limited to celebrating Easter with just ourselves, at home. As the Pope has cancelled all Easter festivities in Rome, it's necessary to take a second to look at the gravity of the situation and count our blessings.

Although it's strange celebrating events like birthdays and holidays when so many others are suffering. we can still make an effort to create some normalcy. Let us consider how we can turn Easter into a celebration for our families AND for others.

How to: Easter in Quarantine

1. change out of your pajamas and throw a dress on! not only will you feel great, but you'll look great too! (even though there's no one to impress...)

2. switch it up! now's the time to try a new recipe you wouldn't ordinarily use at Easter time ... don't think your cousins would like your new brownie batter? well, they're not going to be attending your Easter celebration, so make it anyways!

3. help your mum clean while she cooks or vice versa ... just because no one will be coming over doesn't mean you shouldn't help around the house!

4. bake your desserts for others ... everyone has been baking banana bread during this time, not quite sure why either, but my family has been doing just the same ...try delivering some of the desserts you would normally bake to neighbors or loved ones.

5. don't have time/resources to make easter baskets? no problem!!! ditch the easter baskets altogether and do something else!! (because unfortunately, I don't think Cadbury eggs are essential items these days...) try writing letters to the people you miss, write a thank you note, create a scavenger hunt around your house... the possibilities are endless!!

6. have a neighborhood easter egg hunt for the little ones.... print out large copies of easter eggs to place in your windows & coordinate with your neighbors who have little kids to walk by your house and try to locate the eggs!!

I hope you can enjoy a wonderful Easter, while staying safe.

stay healthy

love, michaela kelli


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